Dr. Jón Þórsteinn Petúrsson (ironlord) wrote in dorky_hotties,
Dr. Jón Þórsteinn Petúrsson

Something I may have said all along

Found while trawling the pages of Faceache last night...

Ever thought this community (and its predecessor) might not have been quite as well named as its initiators intended?

I do create Really Cool Stuff but it is emphatically not for public consumption.
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I've always preferred Geek or Nerd to dork, though I don't necessarily agree with this particular delineation.
Agreed. I always associated "dork" with "goofy and silly" which is how I'd classify myself.
I think that's similar to my associations. Dork is the person who rocks out when nothing's going on ;) Personally, I'm more of a nerd I think, or a geek. But thats just my personal favorite.
I submit Dork is: Overly Involved in Really Cool Stuff.

If you care about the distinction, you're a Dork. :-D

I qualify as at least Nerd, and if chainmail counts as Really Cool Stuff (which IMO it does) then I certainly qualify for Geek status. :P
OK where do dweebs fit in?>
Dweebs as a class disappeared instantly the first second someone donned a pair of thick black-rimmed eyeglasses ironically, being primarily absorbed into Nerds with the remainder going into Geeks. Oddly, despite always being a very socially-stunted minority subgroup, they by far eclipsed all other of the classes in popular representation in film and television, despite being ostensibly described as nerds, geeks or dorks in the works themselves.

Could be, or perhaps given the times they merely mutated into dreaded hipsters. Agreed, now they're the chupacabra of intellectual world.